Pracademically Speaking: Understanding Performance Through Excellence

In the second episode of Pracademically Speaking, Bret Bucklen dives into the Governor’s Office of Performance Through Excellence, including what it is, why it was formed and what they are doing to help the commonwealth improve efficiency. Later Bret talks with a parole agent to discover what BetaGov programs look like in the field.

Preparing Inmates for Success: A Look at Career Pathways

The Pennsylvania DOC knows programming to increase job readiness leads to better inmate outcomes. As part of these efforts, the DOC is spearheading an effort to build a Career Pathways framework that prepares inmates with in-demand skills and connects them to jobs, support services and ongoing education upon release. In this episode, meet Dorenda Hamarlund, Career Pathways program manager, and Terri Fazio, director of the Bureau of Correction Education, as they discuss the success of the program and what’s in store for the future.