Employee Spotlight: RN Nick Freedman

SCI Laurel Highlands Registered Nurse Nick Freedman began his nursing career in his 50’s and his weight-lifting career in his 60’s — yet he’s rocked them both and become a record-breaking power lifter in the process. In this episode, we shine the spotlight on one of the DOC’s most interesting and inspiring employees and learn about Nick’s journey so far, what’s next for him and what advice he has for others.

Gardening with the SCI Muncy VSU

SCI Muncy features one of five Veterans Service Units in the DOC, and recently it started a new project: a Victory Garden. In this episode, Unit Manager Celeste Brucklacher joins the podcast to explain what a Victory Garden is, what vegetables they’ve got growing so far, and what they have planned for the future of this unique program — including how veterans on the inside will soon be helping veterans on the outside.

Second-Chance Hiring with Flagger Force

In honor of Second Chance Month, Flagger Force Vice President of Human Resources Jen Strobel visits the podcast to discuss her organizations efforts in hiring reentrants, what they’ve learned so far and why it is so important to offer that second chance.

Fostering Faith in our Facilities

With religious holidays for multiple faiths on the horizon, what better time to meet with DOC Religious Services Administrator Rev. Ulli Klemm. Ulli discusses how chaplaincy staff and volunteers encourage faith in our institutions, how they support individuals of all faith and what he’d like to see change someday. Spoiler alert: it’s a surprising answer coming from a former minister.

How Parole Supervision Really Works

On this month’s episode, Parole Manager Penny Sines explains how parole agents help reentrants find success and overcome the various barriers they face upon reentry. Spoiler alert: It’s not like what you’ve seen in the movies. Penny also discusses the new program with local community partners — STRIVE — and shares a memorable reentrant success story.

For more on STRIVE, check out our recent press release.